Wahoo and Laughter: Eastern Voyager’s Unforgettable Year-End Trips

As the Eastern Voyager chartered the Swain Reefs in November and December, it was all about good times and great catches. Let’s dive into these trips that turned moments into memories.

In late October to early November, Frederick Reef and the Swain Reefs welcomed the lively ‘Coral Sea Cowboys’ from Sydney, NSW. Laughter echoed across the decks as the group, known for its camaraderie, immersed themselves in the thrill of fishing. Spearfishing added an extra layer of excitement to the trip. Harry Weston landed the crown jewel of the trip, a colossal Dogtooth Tuna measuring 1670mm and weighing between 75 to 80kg. The competition was fierce, with both Harry Weston and Michael Hopkins vying for the title of the most catches. Personal bests were celebrated, including Harry’s impressive 60cm, 4kg Mu. The novelties didn’t end there; first-timers Henry, Michael, Elliot, Hopo, and Deano scored notable catches, including a 35kg Sailfish by Henry, an 18kg Wahoo by Michael, and a Sailfish by Deano. The variety of species caught, from common coral trout to majestic Sailfish, made this trip a comprehensive fishing charter.

As November transitioned to December, the crew from Newcastle NSW, joined us for a charter to the Swain Reefs. The weather gods smiled upon them, blessing the trip with magic weather and serene seas. Aside from the fantastic fishing, the group marveled at the culinary skills of Dan in the galley. The star catch of this trip was a magnificent 1200mm, 12kg Cobia, wrestled into submission by Mackenzie. The familiar yet ever-charming Swain Reefs provided the backdrop for simple joys, big catches, and unforgettable memories.

In the final fishing charter of the year, the crew from SE QLD boarded Eastern Voyager for a week of fishing. Guided by Jaiden’s insights on sharks, the group gained both knowledge and thrilling fishing experiences. The first day set a promising tone with an impressive Red Emperor haul. Damien secured the largest catch of the trip, a Red Emperor measuring 78cm and weighing 7.5kg. Bret Crothers claimed the title of the most catches. The crew also embraced catch-and-release moments for Red Bass, Barra Cod, and Chinaman. The underwater world of the Swain Reefs showcased camouflage grouper, Maori rock cod, common coral trout, spangled emperor, and more.

In a nutshell, these trips were a perfect blend of camaraderie, good catches, and memorable moments. Eastern Voyager offers more than just a fishing experience; it’s about creating a community and enjoying fantastic times at sea. Ready for the next adventure? Join us!

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