Tura Charters Visitor Agreement QR code – Swipedon

Welcome to Our Workplace onboard the MV Eastern Voyager

In the interest of Health and Safety and to keep our crew, your fellow passengers, and our community safe for everyone consider the health impact of your answers on others. Your co-operation in being honest about your health prior to boarding the Eastern Voyager as a passenger or Business \ Service person is vital.

If you have returned from overseas, been in a COVID-19 Hotspot, had close contact with or cared from someone with Covid-19 in the past 14 days prior to your visit or charter departure date you will not be permitted to board the vessel and /or participate in the charter.

You will not be able to board or participate in a charter if you have or have had in the past 7 days any of the symptoms consistent with Covid-19? [cold/flue like symptoms, fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, unusual tiredness, loss of sense of smell]. **** Seek Medical advice, avoid travel, get tested, remain at home [isolate] and follow your state health directives.

If you have previously had COVID-19 you must confirm: At least 10 days have passed since onset of symptoms and have been free of all symptoms for at least 72 hours prior to boarding and provide evidence of completion of isolation.

You acknowledge and agree the remote nature of our offshore charters can be at least 15+ hours away from direct medical services, if you have serious pre-existing health issues, you are mindful of travelling and the potential risk to your health during the current pandemic. While onboard the Eastern Voyager and participating in a group charter in this experience it is considered a single group tour for activities and limited social distancing,

Until otherwise notified you will be required to have your temperature taken before you are able to board the Eastern Voyager and then daily while onboard for the duration of your trip.

We reserve the right to refuse boarding of the vessel if we believe anyone maybe sick or pose a bio-security threat to our operations.