A fantastic 'big red'

The Capricorn Channel delivers on great fish and perfect weather

Highlights from our Organised Trip to the Capricorn Channel (25 May to 1 June 2019)

Exceptional weather helped us achieve a really fishy week started in the Capricorn Channel on Sunday. Jen landed two good Red Emperor, Craig landed a big silver Snapper, and everyone joined in reeling in some nice Red Jew and Gold Band Snapper. 

The next 3 days were spent in the dories with good catches of Coral Trout, Red Throat Emperor , a few Spanish Mackerel, and Red Emperor.  Peter and Lynn had a couple of very good sessions, and sunscreen and hats were a must.

We headed back out then to the Capricorn Channel where the Red Jew and Gold Band Snapper were in good numbers, topped off by some more Red Emperor and a metre long Morgan Rock Cod.

Travelling overnight to the Capricorn Bunker Group meant missing out on most of a 30 knot Southerly change (great decision Dan). This resulted in a calm ride out with plenty of fish and good times, ending up with a calm ride back into the Gladstone Harbour.

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