Swain Reefs in July: Exploring Fishing Feats withEastern Voyager

July was full of excitement as we chartered to the Swain Reefs, reeling in fantastic catches and sharing some unforgettable moments. Our guests from different corners of the country had trips filled with camaraderie, laughter, and the thrill of reeling in remarkable fish. Let’s dive into the highlights of our July charters.

Our first July trip saw our passengers enjoy a good mix of good weather and a few average days – not bad all round. While the first three days saw average weather and slow fishing, day four unveiled a perfect climate that reflected in the bountiful catches. Craig and David McDonald emerged as the top anglers of the trip with the most catches. Stu’s monumental 18kg Giant Trevally was unbeatable, while the impressive 71cm Blue Spot Trout landed by Pocket drew admiration. Notably, Natacha, a first-time guest, embraced the thrill of fishing for the first time, proving that the ocean truly welcomes all. A medley of species, including Barramundi Cod, Camouflage Grouper, Common Coral Trout, Spangled Emperor, and Red Throat Emperor, danced at the end of lines, creating a vibrant tapestry of catches.

July’s rhythm continued as a trophy and a rod added a competitive twist to the adventure. A vibrant group from South East QLD brought their zest for angling to the pristine waters. Mal Edwards led the charts with an impressive catch count, while Neil Shilton secured his place in the spotlight with a substantial Spanish Mackerel. The excitement swelled with the maiden catches of Coral Trout and Long Nose Emperor. The Swains presented an array of species which included Common Coral Trout, Blue Spotted Coral Trout, Spangled Emperor, and Hussar, among others, as Ian Brice’s 8kg Barramundi Cod and Neil’s 4kg Barramundi Cod added to the list of stellar catches.

July’s whims manifested in weather that ranged from brilliance to rain, culminating in an unbelievably perfect fishing day. A group from South East Queensland, no strangers to the allure of the Swain Reefs, graced our deck. Rakey’s fishing prowess stood out, while Les etched his name in the records with a magnificent 20kg, 1450cm Spanish Mackerel. Brian Rake and Catchy Hunter celebrated their maiden Spanish Mackerel and Red Emperor, ushering in a new chapter of angling achievements. Flowery Rock Cod and an array of captivating species made an appearance showcasing the abundance of the Swain Reefs.

Banter, laughter, and captivating tales filled the air as a spirited group from Victoria, familiar with the Eastern Voyager experience. A touch of intrigue marked the journey, from the awe-inspired gasps at the sight of a Grouper at Horseshoe Reef to the captivating story of Beal’s lure, lost and found hours later. Dolphins and whales added to the allure on the journey back, captivating everyone’s attention. Amidst the camaraderie, Steven Mew led the tally, achieving personal bests alongside Ray, Jack and Steve, who secured their share of the limelight with impressive Spanish Mackerel catches. Barramundi Cod and Honeycomb Cod made their debut appearances, while Jack McDonald’s monumental Spanish Mackerel and Andrew Maguire’s Barramundi Cod were added as substantial catches for the trip.

July’s charter’s with Eastern Voyager was filled with plenty of successes and unforgettable moments. The Swain Reefs unveiled their treasures to our esteemed guests, proving that each charter holds the promise of new discoveries and memorable moments.

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