Swain Reefs Fishing Charters: A Review of the Best Catches in April

Hey there, fellow fishing enthusiasts! It’s time for the latest trip report from Eastern Voyager. The month of April was packed with action and adventure at the Swain Reefs. Despite some rough weather, our guests still managed to reel in some impressive catches and have a great time. So, grab a cold one and let’s dive into the highlights of our April fishing trips.

We had a great start to our April charters, heading out to the Swain reefs for a week. The group had an incredible week and made a lot of memorable catches. There were plenty of quality fish landed across the board.

Our April 8th group had a mix of conditions, with two brilliant days, two good days, and two windy days. The competition was fierce among the groups, with everyone vying for the title of the biggest catch. Borgi caught the most fish, but Jeff Callan took home the prize for the biggest catch, with a whopping 1100mm, 10kg Cobia. Dave and Borgi also landed large Giant Trevally’s, and there were plenty of PB’s, including Shane’s 1100mm, 8-10kg Mackerel, Dave Callen’s 450mm Football Trout, and Panda’s safely released Barramundi Cod measuring 660mm. A variety of species were caught, including Barramundi Cod (no take), Camouflage Grouper, Flowery Rock Cod, Maori Rock Cod, Common Coral Trout, Blue Spotted Coral Trout, Long Nosed Emperor, Red Throat Emperor, Hussar, and Spanish Mackerel.

Our next group didn’t have it much better with the weather, with one brilliant day, three rainy days, and four windy days. The weather on the first day was perfect for fishing, getting mirror flat water. Liam caught the most fish overall for the trip and Adam took home the prize for the biggest catch with his 1200mm, 14.5kg Spanish Mackerel. There were plenty of first-time catches and PB’s, with Peter and Adam both catching their first Spanish Mackerel. The group also caught Barramundi Cod (no take), Maori Rock Cod, Common Coral Trout, Blue Spotted Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Spangled Emperor, Red Throat Emperor, Chinaman fish (no take), Hussar, Red Bass (no take), Spanish Mackerel, and Dolphin Fish.

Our final group fished from April 23rd to 30th and had a challenging start to their trip, with four windy days making it tough to keep spirits up. But as the weather improved, so did the fishing, with the last day allowing for deep-water fishing and a chance to catch some PB’s, including Goldband and Nannygai. Matt Pyle caught the most fish, and Mick Kruger took home the prize for the biggest catch with his Spanish Mackerel. There were also some first-time catches, including Randal’s and Tom’s Coral Trout. Joe’s Barramundi Cod, measuring 500mm and weighing 4kg, was safely released. The group caught Common Coral Trout, Red Throat Emperor, Hussar, and Spanish Mackerel.

Despite the mixed weather conditions, all three groups had a fantastic time fishing at the Swain Reefs, with plenty of memorable catches and first-time experiences. We can’t wait to see what the next trip brings!

From the deck,
Darren & Nathan

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