Swain Reefs and Ribbon Reefs fishing trips see big catches and exciting sights

July proved to be another month of action-packed fishing on board Eastern Voyager. The Swain Reefs is home to a great variety of fish and other sea life, with our recent trips being no exception.

The beautiful weather conditions throughout July offered up some great fishing opportunities on the reef.
Some of the fish caught by our passengers included Common Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Spanish Mackerel and Yellow Fin Tuna to name a few.

Highlights from these trips include a huge Spanish Mackerel caught by Darren weighing in at 30kg and 1.6m. Set up in the tinnie, a group effort by Stephan, Dean and Darren was required to land the 30kg spano. Some other notable catches were a 19kg Wahoo and 2 x 5kg Snapper caught by Wayne, who took the title of most catches. The trip was rounded off with a whale sighting. See some of the pics in our latest gallery.

Our second trip with the group from Brisbane also saw some great catches. There were a few highlights including Peter’s three Blue Maori’s in a single day (taking the total up to 5 for the trip), and a 1.5m Spanish caught by Pete, Scotty and Craig. The water was also host to some sharks and GT’s who were eyeing off a remote controlled boat as it did some circles in front of the boat. Some of them went for it but luckily the boat lived to see another day.

Click here to check it out on our Youtube Channel.

Les and his team also had some great weather on their trip. Brian Rake caught the largest fish – a 12kg Spanish Mackerel – and the party on Wednesday night was definitely the highlight for everyone’s trip.

In August we took a group from West Queensland out to the Ribbon Reefs. Even though most days the fishing was average with windy weather, Lucas and Mitch powered on, landing the most fish for the trip. Some first time catches were made of Purple Cod, Dog Tooth Tuna and the unusual Tomato Cod (caught by Andrew). The biggest fish was caught by Sam with his Dog Tooth Tuna weighing in at 16kg, and a 6kg Long Nose Emperor caught by Dave.

From the deck,

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