Spanish Mackerel Mania! Trophy Catches & Diverse Species on the Swain Reefs

The Swain Reefs, renowned for their vibrant marine life and pristine waters, provided the perfect
backdrop for our adventures. With trophy catches, personal bests, and memorable experiences, our
guests enjoyed some of the best fishing Australia has to offer.

Our first charter of April saw a diverse group of enthusiastic guests from 1770, Sunshine Coast, and
Sydney. Despite varying weather conditions, the trip was a success with standout catches such as Dean
M.’s 23.7kg Spanish Mackerel, surpassing his previous personal best. The camaraderie among guests and
the thrill of reeling in species like Camouflage Grouper, Flowery Rock Cod, and Common Coral Trout made for an unforgettable experience. Mid-April brought friendly guests from Blackwater, Mackay, and Emerald. Bryce landed a remarkable 20kg Spanish Mackerel, and first-time catches like Looby’s 12.5kg Wahoo added excitement. The variety of species, from Barramundi Cod and Red Emperor, showcased the rich biodiversity of the Swain Reefs.

In late April, guests from Brisbane and the Gold Coast enjoyed consistently good weather and exceptional
fishing. Highlights included Tristain’s 16kg Spanish Mackerel and Cohen’s first Blue Maori Cod catch, with
species such as Flowery Rock Cod and Spangled Emperor making appearances. As we moved into early
May, guests from Newcastle and Tweed Heads experienced a mix of weather but still managed to bag out
on Red Throat Emperor. The trip featured catches like Camouflage Grouper, Blue Spotted Coral Trout, and
Long Nosed Emperor, with the resilience and enthusiasm of our guests shining through.

Mid-May was marked by windy conditions, but guests from Central Coast NSW had unique experiences
like feeding tawny sharks with fish frames. Notable catches included Steph’s 1m Cobia and Carlie’s first
Coral Trout, alongside species like Flowery Rock Cod and Maori Rock Cod. The late May charter, despite
average weather, was characterised by good company from NSW. Simon caught the most fish, while
Greg’s 9kg Spanish Mackerel was the biggest catch. Highlights included Craig’s 12kg Chinaman Fish (catch and release) and Tony’s first Blue Maori Cod, with a diverse catch list featuring Common Coral Trout, Red Emperor, and Crimson Snapper.

From record-breaking Spanish Mackerel to unique first-time catches, each trip was a celebration of fishing excellence. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our guests for their trust and enthusiasm, and to our
dedicated crew for their unwavering commitment. The Swain Reefs continue to offer unparalleled fishing
experiences, and we invite you to join our crew on future charters aboard the Eastern Voyager.
From the deck,
Ellen & Chris

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