September’s Best Catches at the Swain Reefs

With the arrival of warmer days and the promise of spring in the air, our fishing charters in September were nothing short of spectacular. Groups from various corners of Australia joined us for unforgettable journeys to the Swain Reefs. Let’s dive into the highlights of each trip and discover the thrills of fishing during this incredible month.

To kick things off, we ventured to the Swain Reefs from September 2nd to 9th, encountering various weather conditions from good days to an occasional rainy one. The camaraderie among our fellow anglers was truly exceptional, with friendly competition emerging between those wielding electric reels and conventional ones. Hailing from all over Queensland, our group, many of whom had been with us before, shared some memorable moments. Some notable catches included Jeff Renz’s impressive 1510mm, 18kg Wahoo, a personal best, and Jack’s remarkable Red Emperor and Brad’s Snapper. Amidst all this, first-timer Aurin Hoper had an adventure filled with numerous first-time catches, making it a remarkable trip overall.

For our second charter, this group fished through four windy days, one rainy day, and one average day. While the weather didn’t always cooperate, the group from Central Queensland relished the opportunity to escape daily life and enjoy some laughs with friends. This journey witnessed a significant number of personal bests and first-time catches as well. Among them, Kenney Bayley’s incredible 12kg, 1100mm Cobia was a stand out.

During our third September charter, the trip blessed us with three brilliant days, one good day, one rainy day, and one windy day, making it a truly well-rounded experience. The camaraderie among the group, hailing from the East Coast of Australia, was heartwarming. Banter and friendly competition filled the air, with a focus on who could land the most and the biggest catches. Mick Veldhuizen reigned supreme as the one who caught the most, while Martin Ritter’s magnificent 1100mm, 10kg Spanish Mackerel took the title for the largest catch. Notable catches included Bill Lovelee’s 46cm, 2kg Camouflage Cod and Bob Foster’s 50cm, 3kg Barramundi Cod. However, the highlight was an unusual catch: the elusive Orange Lined Trigger Fish, adding a touch of magic to the trip.

Our last charter for the month we experienced three windy days, two average days, and one good day – but what truly set this trip apart was the complete lack of phone signal. In an age where connectivity is constant, the group from diverse locations, ranging from Townsville to Sydney, savored the rarity of being out of touch. Glen Starr emerged as the angler who caught the most, while Ken Loughrey’s astonishing 1060mm, 8kg Spanish Mackerel stole the spotlight as the biggest catch. Numerous first-time anglers joined the trip, including Cameron Starr, Mick Frain, Adam Ruttley, and Brad Ripps. Their excitement and the diversity of catches, including Spanish Mackerel, Red Emperor, and even a 12kg GT, made it a remarkable journey filled with unique moments.

These September fishing adventures were truly special, offering a diverse range of experiences and memorable catches. Stay tuned as we share more about each journey, including the stories behind these incredible catches and the camaraderie that makes each trip so unforgettable.

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