Reef fishing the Swain Reefs and Capricorn Bunker Group lands some tasty treats

In Queensland we always say the weather is great one day, perfect the next. On some of our recent trips to the Swain Reefs and the Capricorn Bunker Group it has certainly been the case, with plenty of tasty table fish caught and landed.

On our trip to the Capricorn Bunker Group, we were delighted to come across turtles, manta rays and dolphins. The fishing was great with some brilliant catches landed. It was also fantastic to see some junior anglers on board having a marvellous time landing fish they’ll never forget.
There was a wide variety of species caught, with most notably spanish mackerel, spangled emperor, red emperor, red throat emperor, giant trevally, and cobia to name a few.

Our other trips have been to the Swain Reefs. August and September always make for great months for reef fishing, and clear waters with predominantly calm days lead to some great catches. Some of our passengers were lucky enough to catch their personal best, and there were some really good size fish landed. The coral trout, red emperor, nannygai, spanish mackerel, spangled emperor, red jew fish, and giant trevally were just part of the reef species caught on our recent trips.

The odd day saw us deal with windy conditions which slowed down the catches a little, but they were more than compensated by the favourable conditions we were treated to afterwards, with some beaut catches.

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