Reef fishing the Swain Reefs and Capricorn Bunker Group has kicked off a great 2021 season

After a turbulent 2020, it is great to be back out on the water helping our clients land some magnificent catches. Our first trip to the Swain Reefs was impacted by the possibility of an imminent cyclone, so instead we found some great spearfishing around the Capricorn Bunker Group. The ‘Adreno’ team had some great weather and landed some great catches.

The Ocean Enterterprise Group headed out on 11th March with 20 on-board. There was a great mixture of catches including coral trout, red emperor, long nosed emperor, spangled emperor, red throat emperor, green job fish, hussar, Spanish mackerel, dogtooth tuna and cobia. Zac was able to catch the most on the trip, with Tim extremely delighted with his 19.2 kg dogtooth tuna that was 1.2 m in length. Closely followed was Mitch with a two 17 kg dogtooth tuna as well. The water was glassy at the bottom of ribbon reef, and everyone that speared dogtooth tuna had the added bonus this was their first one.

Heading back out on the 19th, the trip was hampered with a little rain and average days. This didn’t stop the group though, with Matlock and Cam catching the most, and Matt bringing in a 16 kg Spanish mackerel measuring 1.4 m in length. It was also great to see that some of our passengers managed to catch a nannygai for the first time as well. I was fortunate enough to be able to bring in a beautiful 6.8 kg green job fish – definitely a bonus to being on the Eastern Voyager team.

Our last trip in March headed out on the 27th, and we all got to enjoy some Spanish mackerel sashimi. With only six hours between swimming and serving, the freshness can’t be beaten.

Our charters are filling up quick for 2022, so if you’re considering a trip out to the Swain Reefs, Capricorn Bunker Group, Shoalwater Bay, or the Coral Sea, it’s definitely worth getting in early as you can to book it in.

All in all, these were fantastic fishing and spearfishing trips. Thank you to all involved!

From the deck,

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