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Reef fishing on the Southern Great Barrier Reef

M.V. Eastern Voyager operates out of Gladstone in Queensland and directly accesses the Southern Great Barrier Reef. As a family run business, the Eastern Voyager offers charters from four nights to extended stays of 14 nights and beyond.

Eastern Voyager anchored near Swain Reefs

If you’re looking for a great reef fishing adventure, the Eastern Voyager is available to be chartered by groups to the Capricorn Bunker Group, Swain Reefs, Shoalwater Bay, or the Coral Sea. These trips are based on a minimum of 14 passengers per day, and we can take up to 20. Less than 14 people can be in a group, as long as the minimum day rate of 14 passengers is met. This can change based on the location that you choose to go to.

We also arrange organised fishing trips. This is particularly great for individuals and small groups, as it means you can join a trip, and you don’t have to try and get 14 people together. The rates will vary depending on the location and number of nights. You can make great savings when you book online, and we offer a discount for passengers that pay early.

The Eastern Voyager is a custom fitted luxury charter boat, over 84 feet (25.6 metres long) and 23 feet (7 metres) wide. There is a spacious covered area with seating and bathroom amenities on the back deck where you can relax and enjoy the views while you travel. There is a chiller close by and a large drinks refrigerator just inside from the seating area for all your cold beverages.

We have a very spacious dining and lounge area where you can relax and enjoy your favourite CD / DVD’s and videos. Our vessel is air conditioned throughout. The catch from your fishing trip will be filleted and snap frozen by our crew (some can be kept whole) ready for you to take home.

Our air-conditioned cabins are located below deck, with 6 x 2 berth and 2 x 4 berth rooms. Passenger bathroom amenities are located on the accommodation level as well as the main deck.

Once you reach the fishing grounds, there are 5 x 4.4m tender boats with outboards for fishing, diving and exploration of remote islands and beaches. All you need is a recreational boat licence to be able to operate one.

The fishing is great, and most trips last seven days and seven nights. Dates for both our DIY Group Charter bookings for your own group as well as the Organised Trips that we manage are available on our website.

To make it even easier, we also offer payment options to people that want to pay off their trip regularly, and still enjoy the early payment discount. Give us a call to discuss your next trip, or visit our Trips Page to explore your options yourself. The M.V. Eastern Voyager is your best option for short-stay and extended trips out of Gladstone to the expore the Southern Great Barrier Reef for your next reef fishing adventure.

Visit our reef fishing trips page to see what dates are available for organised trips or DIY group charters.

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