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Reef fishing charters to the Swain Reefs sees some great catches

Over April and May 2021, the Eastern Voyager has seen some exceptional reef fishing and spearfishing trips at the Swain reefs. As a family-owned-and-operated charter company, you can be confident your friends and family will enjoy the holiday of a lifetime on the Great Barrier Reef. We have had some fantastic catches resulting in guests bringing back snap frozen fish fillets to cook and enjoy at home on their return.

Reef fishing Swain Reefs

Not only have we done reef fishing charters but we also took the Gidarjil Land and Sea Rangers out to the Green Zones in the Capricorn Bunker Group for 5 days to clean up a few of the islands. We went to Tryon, Hoskyns and Fairfax Islands. All up the boys collected about 240kgs of bottles, thongs and a lot of micro plastics.

Some of our guests have had some personal record catches, as well as first-time fish. Most notably that includes Nick with a 7.65kg green job fish, Rowan with a 10.5kg mackerel, Joey with his first ever spanish mackerel at 13.9kg (160cm), and Tim with his first dogtooth tuna at 7.2kg.

As a reef fishing charter, we see a wide variety of species that our guests catch. Our recent trip catches have included camouflage grouper, common coral trout, blue spotted coral trout, spangled emperor, red throat emperor, spanish mackerel, dogtooth tuna, green job fish and more.

Our charters are filling up quick for 2022, so if you’re considering a trip out to the Swain Reefs, Capricorn Bunker Group, Shoalwater Bay, or the Coral Sea, it’s definitely worth getting in early as you can to book it in.

All in all, these were fantastic fishing and spearfishing trips. Thank you to all involved!

From the deck,

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