May Fishing Charters: Unforgettable Group Experiences to the Swain Reefs and Cap Bunker Group

Experience the thrill of group fishing as we take you on exciting fishing charters off the coast of Gladstone, Queensland. In the month of May, Eastern Voyager hosted several remarkable trips, providing our guests with unforgettable adventures and exceptional catches to cherish. Let’s delve into the highlights of each trip and the incredible fishing experiences enjoyed by our valued guests.

Our first trip of the month saw a group of fishing enthusiasts from Brisbane joining us for a memorable Swain Reefs charter. Chris stole the show with his impressive 71cm Blue Spot Trout, while other notable catches included Chris’ Red Throat Emperor (57.5cm) and Ken’s Venus Tusk (4.0kg). Throughout the trip, our guests reeled in a variety of species, including Maori Rock Cod, Common Coral Trout, Blue Spotted Coral Trout, Spangled Emperor, Red Throat Emperor, Hussar, Red Bass (No Take), and Spanish Mackerel. Despite three average days and three windy days, the group enjoyed an exceptional fishing experience.

Our next adventure took us to the captivating Capricorn Bunker Group for a five-night fishing extravaganza. This diverse group from Brisbane, Melbourne, and England experienced the thrill of exploring the pristine waters of the Bunker Group for the first time. Erdi celebrated his first-time catches with a Coral Trout and Red Throat Emperor, while Peter landed an impressive 8.5kg Black Spot Tusky. Other notable catches included Kieren’s 5kg Coral Trout and 3.5kg Mangrove Jack. Throughout the trip, our guests encountered various species, including Greasy Rock Cod, Common Coral Trout, Blue Spotted Coral Trout, Spangled Emperor, Red Throat Emperor, Green Jobfish, Hussar, and Spanish Mackerel, with Kieran landing an unusual Black Wrasse. Despite one average day and four windy days, the group had an incredible fishing experience in the Capricorn Bunker Group.

On this charter to Swain Reefs, we witnessed some remarkable catches, including John’s Brown Maouri Cod, Phil’s Nannygai, Mitch’s two impressive Red Emperors, and a stunning Spanish Mackerel. This week provided our guests with unforgettable moments and a sense of camaraderie, beautifully captured in the group photo.

Our final weeklong charter to Swain Reefs brought together a group of enthusiastic anglers from Brisbane. Mick stole the spotlight with his impressive 14kg Spanish Mackerel, while Jaden celebrated first-time catches of Coral Trout, Red Throat Emperor, and Spangled Emperor. James made notable catches with his impressive Spango (75cm) and Jobfish (81cm), and Damo landed a respectable 70cm Coral Trout. The trip was filled with highlights, from Scotty’s adventurous tales to James’ thrilling encounter with a large Jobfish. Throughout the trip, our guests enjoyed the thrill of catching Common Coral Trout, Blue Spotted Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Long Nosed Emperor, Spangled Emperor, Red Throat Emperor, Chinaman (No Take), Hussar, and Spanish Mackerel.

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