Gladstone reef fishing charter

June trips to Swain Reefs offer great variety and first time catches for many

Passengers and crew of the Eastern Voyager spent the first week of June fishing the Swain Reefs. Conditions were not always ideal, experiencing a mix of rain and wind throughout the course of the trip. Despite the change in weather, there was still plenty of fish to catch.

Great catches at the Swain Reefs on Gladstone charter

The group from Newcastle and out West caught a variety of fish including Emperor and Snapper along with Cod, Trout, Hussar and Spanish Mackerel. Damien scored the best results on the trip taking out the title for most catches and biggest catch of a GT weighing in at 28kg’s and measuring 1.2m.

For many of the passengers, the trip highlight was getting first time catches of Nannygai’s, reds and Gold Band Job Fish. With 40 years of experience running our fishing charter, our amazing crew do everything they can to ensure you catch plenty of fish.

Our group from Victoria (26 June to 3 July) organised by Gary B. experienced a wide range of weather, and a big selection of species caught. Steve managed to catch the most on the trip, Matty landed a beautiful 18kg GT, and Shane caught a 1.4m 20kg Spanish Mackerel. For some passengers it was their first time to catch a Dogtooth Tuna and Giant Trevally which is always great to see. Some of the other species caught included Camouflage Grouper, Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Spangled Emperor, Red Throat Emperor, Chinaman Fish (No Take), Hussar, and Tuna.

Our charters are filling up fast. We have only three left remaining for 2022, so BOOK ONLINE as soon as you can to reserve a spot for your first (or next) trip with Eastern Voyager.

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