Great fishing weather at the Swain Reefs produced quality catches

We had lots of action-packed fishing out at the Swain Reefs throughout May and June. For the most part our groups were treated to some good weather. All of the groups ticked off the classic catches including variations of Trout, Cod, Red Emperor, Snapper and Hussar. There were some really big catches across the board.

Early May left our group with some pretty average weather during their 7-day trip to the Swains, dealing with the rain and wind. Despite the weather, the group started strong with a great first day in the deep catching Red Emperor, Gold Bands and Nannygai. Most catches of the trip was claimed by Rakey with Luke snagging biggest catch with his 98cm Cobia which was also a first time catch. Some other catches of note included a 5kg 62cm Red Emperor and a 5kg 65cm Nannygai!

End of May brought some better weather for our groups. Along with the classics, the group also landed some Spanish Mackerel, Pearl Pearch and the Chinaman Fish and Barramundi Cod which were promptly released back into the water. The trip highlight was John catching a 20kg GT, which scored him biggest catch of the trip, and two 10kg Mackerel! John’s GT was also a first time catch which was great to see. Wayne, Tim and Drew got the record for most catches. Two other catches of note included Wes’ 6kg Red Emperor and Graham’s 6.5kg Gold Band Jobfish.

We chartered out to the Swains again in early June with a group from Rocky and Theodore. The group ticked all the regular species off the list along with some other like the Spanish Mackerel, Green Jobfish and one unusual species – the Izak (released). Brett claimed the title of biggest fish with high 18kg Spanish Mackerel coming in at 1.3m. Kirk also claimed most catches along with an impressive Red Emperor which came in at 6.5kg and 72cm.

In early-June, we were joined by a group of keen spearfishermen for a week at the Swain Reefs. Once again, the reefs provided our group with great opportunity for fishing. We were able to tick off a lot of the common species during our trip. One of the highlights of the trip was getting up to the bottom ribbons to spear Dogtooth Tuna which was a first time catch for some of our guests. Zac, Mitch, Cody and Jye all claimed the title of most catches for the trip with Zac also taking out biggest catch (and a new PB) with his massive 23kg 1.5m Spanish Mackerel (speared)! Another impressive catch for the trip was Bjorn’s 5.8kg 72cm Red Emperor.

We had some windy weather during our mid-June charter to the Swain Reefs. Nonetheless, the group from Newcastle caught some impressive fish with some great catches landed using soft plastic lures. There were a couple of first-time catches including the Purple Cod and Spanish Mackerel. Some of the big catches of the trip included Gilly’s 5.5kg 65cm Red Emperor, Don’s 5kg 68cm Spangled Emperor, Scotty’s 85cm Spanish Mackerel and Chris’ 56cm Red Throat Emperor.

We rounded out June with a great week of fishing at the Swains with a group from NSW. There were a lot of great catches from the group during the week with some of the best catching being Snapper, Red Emperor and Dogtooth Tuna. With his 8.4kg Snapper, Brett claimed biggest catch of the trip. Greg had a couple of big catches including a 9kg Dogtooth Tuna and a 5kg Red Emperor. David also landed a quality Red Emperor coming in at 5kg as well.

We look forward to having you all on board again soon!

From the deck,

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