Great catches at the Swain Reefs, Coral Sea and Ribbon Reefs despite the wind and rain

Eastern Voyager chartered out to the Swain Reefs and the Coral Sea/Ribbon Reefs again throughout November and December. We had some brilliant days and also a bit of wind and rain. There were still a lot of solid catches across the board, reeling in a lot of the classics and some unusual species.

We kicked off November with a group from just about everywhere for a 10-day charter to the Coral Sea and Ribbon Reefs. Battling more wind than usual, the group reeled in all your usuals including Trout, Emperor, Camouflage Grouper, Green Job Fish and Hussar. There were also a couple of species we don’t see on every trip including the Dolphin Fish and Wahoo. The group had a great time under the water shooting Dogtooth Tuna and Sailfish even though they weren’t able to land any. We gave Elliot the title of biggest catch for the trip with what we estimated to be a 60kg Dogtooth Tuna! A shark got to it before he managed to land it so we had to estimate the weight based on the size of the head (the only bit we got back). There were some other impressive catches including Brett with his 18kg Wahoo, Tim with his 14kg Wahoo and Jeremy with a 10kg Dolphin Fish.

Our next weeklong charter to the Swains was with a group from SE QLD. The group ticked off a lot of the list like the Maori Rock Cod, Coral Trout, Emperor varieties, Green Job Fish and Hussar. Irish and Martin caught the biggest for the trip with their 9kg Green Job Fish. Darren scored a first time catch of the Red Emperor which came in at 6kg. We also had one unusual catch for the week which was Tom’s Harlequin Tuskfish!

Our last November trip was with a group from Hervey Bay and Brisbane. Again, the group had some average weather, with a bit of rain mixed in. There were a few first-time catches including the Cobia, Gold Band Snapper and Blue Maori Cod. Some of the other species for the trip included the Camouflage Grouper, varieties of Rock Cod, Emperor, and Snapper alongside others like Coral Trout, Hussar and Spanish Mackerel. Dave Carrol came away with biggest catch for his 9kg Cobia. Marek, Trent and Dave caught the most for the trip. Another catch to mention was Trent’s 7kg Spanish Mackerel.

The weather in December was a little better. Apart from our first group which copped a fair bit of wind and rain, our last two trips picked up with some truly brilliant days on the water.

We kicked off December with another week at the Swains with a group from the Sunny Coast and Brisbane. The group saw all of the usual species of Cod, Emperor, Trout, Snapper, Spanish Mackerel and Hussar. There were a few cool catches including a Comet Cod and Shovel Nose Shark! It was great to see plenty of first time catches amongst the group. Biggest fish of the trip was awarded to Michael Trust with his 20kg G.T on super light gear. Dave came away with the most catches using jigs! Dale also had an impressive catch with his 6kg Pearl Perch.

Our next weeklong charter to the Swains was with a group from Beaudesert. The group was treated to some great weather during their week on the water. They reeled in some Cod, Grouper, Trout, Emperor, Hussar, Snapper and Spanish Mackerel. Craig Macpherson claimed the title of biggest fish with his 10kg Red Emperor. Ben Dawson walked away with the most fish caught for the trip and an impressive 10kg Spanish Mackerel. All the boys managed to reel in some GT’s which were also some first-time catches.

Our last trip for December provided our group with some quality weather for their week on the Swain Reefs. The highlight of the week was seeing lots of our passengers land some different species for the first time. Kev came away with the biggest catch of the week with his Red Emperor. Flash scored a new PB with the Trout he reeled in. Tim also came away with an impressive Spanish Mackerel. Overall, it was a great week catching all the usual suspects with some first timers catching some great fish!

Join us on deck soon for some action packed fishing!

From the deck,

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