Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. When you book your trip, a non-refundable deposit will be required based on the overall cost of the trip.

When do I need to pay the full amount by?

Full payment is due on or before four (4) weeks before your scheduled departure date.
For trips of seven (7) or more days, you and/or your group must pay six (6) weeks before the departure date to get the early payment discount.

Can I make regular payments to pay for my trip?

Yes. Your trip can be paid off over time. If the full amount is paid by the early payment date, you may still be entitled to a discount if applicable. Booking online will still entitle you to a discount if you make planned payments for your trip.
For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Should I get Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is recommended.  If you don’t have travel insurance you accept the financial risk. Payments are non-refundable, and we do not accept responsibility for life circumstance changes or costs caused by delays and changes of any kind.

Do I need my own fishing gear and tackle?

We do not supply fishing gear.  Everyone has a personal preference for their fishing gear and tackle so we have compiled a list of items you may consider bringing along with you. Both of the following tackle shops are on hand  to offer advice and set you up with competitively  priced  fishing gear if required.

Pats Tackleworld – 07 49723692

Compleat Angler – 07  49727283

Suggested fishing tackle

I need information about the vessel and tenders

This information can be found on MV Eastern Voyager  tab at the top of the page.

Where can you go in Queensland with MV Easter Voyager?

  • Coral Sea
  • Swain Reefs, Shoalwater Bay and surrounding areas
  • Capricorn Bunker Group
  • Another destination in mind?  Let us know which area and we will do our best to accommodate your choice.

Where is Gladstone?

  • Gladstone is located in Queensland, approximately 600kms north of Brisbane (a six hour trip by car, bus, or express Tilt Train).

How do I get to Gladstone?

  • Gladstone is serviced by Qantas and Alliance Airlines from Brisbane, and is approximately a one hour flight time.
  • Blue and White Taxis (07 4972 1800 / 131008) service the Airport to the Marina – approximately 10 minutes.

Where can we park when we arrive?

  • If you require parking for vehicles / trailers etc while you are out on a charter, you can access information, along with Terms and conditions, through Compleat Angler at the Marina (Phone 07 49727283).

What if I arrive earlier than the day of departure?

  • If you are arriving earlier than your departure date or staying on after your charter returns, information regarding accommodation and things to do can be accessed at the Gladstone Region Information Page 

Can we join a trip if we don’t have a full group?

  • Anyone is welcome to join our organised trips provided the dates suit, and the numbers are available. Our trips must reach minimum numbers to confirm departures.

What is it like living on board

  • Our cook prepares all your meals fresh from the chiller. On their time off, our skipper and crew are versed in preparing good hearty home style cooked meals.
  • Our cabins are fully air conditioned and can accommodate up to 20 passengers
  • We also cater for smaller groups based on a minimum daily rate for each vessel.
  • Our charters offer inclusive pricing of GST, Qld’s EMC, all meals, bedding, towels, bait, ice, fuel, tenders and light refreshments with tea/coffee available 24hrs a day.
  • 240v power is available on both vessels.

What if I have special Dietary requirements

  • Please advise us at the time of your booking if you have any special dietary requirements or food allergies.

How safe will I be out on the water?

Our crew will brief you on your departure regarding all safety requirements onboard the mother vessel and tenders. Any decisions made on board by our skippers in regard to our vessel, weather, tenders etc. will be made especially for the safety of you as well as our crew, and we ask that everyone onboard take precautions to be aware at all times.

While every reasonable effort is made to ensure you enjoy whatever trip you have planned there are circumstances beyond the control of the skipper including weather conditions, catch rate, poor visibility etc. and cannot accept responsibility as such. Our skippers will do their best to optimise your fishing time (weather dependant).

I need more information.

Interested in Joining us on board? Would you like more information?

Head to our contact page and fill out our form to assist us with your enquiry and we will be in touch.

What should I bring?

[_] All your own fishing gear and tackle (hook remover / lip grippers / knives / pliers / side cutters)
[_] Toiletries (Body wash is provided).
[_] Old clothing for fishing (long sleeve shirts)
[_] Old sneakers
[_] Sunscreen
[_] Hat
[_] Sunglasses
[_] Wet weather gear (you will be travelling in open waters)
[_] Sea sick tablets and all required medication
[_] An old towel or cushion for the tenders
[_] Warm clothing, depending on the time of year it can be cool especially at night.
[_] A copy of your recreational boat licence
[_] We have a Television / DVD [lounge] , Bluetooth [blast box] you can connect your favourite music to [wet area – back deck].
[_] Don’t forget the Camera / video / Go Pro to capture your fishing holiday in these beautiful remote areas.

What are the departure & arrival points?


Bryan Jordan Drive, Gladstone.  QLD.  4680

  • Coral Sea charter times to be advised on booking.
  • Swain Reefs, Shoalwater Bay areas – departure time between 3.30-4.30pm returning to port between 3am -5am
  • You will be able to load your gear onto the Eastern Voyager any time after 11am and ask that everyone be settled onboard by 2.30pm latest.
  • Capricorn Bunker Group – departure time between 3.30-4.30pm returning to port between 12am -5am

Your Catch

  • Our vessels operate within Queensland regulations, and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and Department of Primary Industries which govern fish size, species and bag limits that apply to our guests.
  • Please make yourself familiar with these regulations.
  • Your catch is filleted and snap frozen by our crew, ready for you to take home to the table.


  • You are required to hold a recreational boat licence to drive the tenders (we recommend you bring a copy with you).  All Australia State and Territory Licenses are accepted. The operator of a tender will be responsible for safe operations always and acknowledge operating and understanding of safety equipment and radios supplied.

What if I damage or lose equipment?

We ask that you please respect our vessels, tenders and equipment as they are vital to your charter and charters there- after. We would like you to be able to re visit us and all equipment onboard be in good working order.  Damage caused because of irresponsibility and misbehaviour will be charged to the person responsible.

Where can I find out the tide times and heights?

Click on your chosen destination.