Fantastic fishing weather at the Coral Sea Reefs produced big catches and exciting sights

Our crew have just recently returned from a trip to Frederick Reef with Adreno Dive with the first day spent travelling from Gladstone to Saumarez Reef which proved quite worth while. On arrival we landed catches of 20kg plus dogtooth tuna and wahoo. At this stage in the trip, the guys were wanting to target the big Dog Tooth Tuna and other species, leaving the Coral Reef fin fish unbothered.

Voyaging through to Frederick Reef, we saw remarkably similar days to Saumarez with some 20kg plus doggy’s landed and even bigger ones spotted. Kind weather the following day meant we were able to travel out to Calder Bank with dinghies in tow and divers in the water. There were big doggy’s, yellow fin and wahoo everywhere. So were the sharks! A lot of big fish were caught but none were landed as the shark patrol took them off the spear. As everyone’s patience ran out with the sharks, we travelled back to Frederick. Lots of good fish were spotted the next day with the landing of a 53kg dogtooth and a 42kg sail fish amongst others.

With no real focus on reef fish, the next few days that followed saw more of the same with a good 27kg dogtooth landed. Overnight we headed back to Saumarez to try and catch some of the big ones spotted on day one. Despite the weather being good for the whole trip, no records were made. The group decided to head back to the Swains to target a feed of reef fish to take home. The next day and a half were spent catching common trout, some smallish doggy’s and red throat emperor.

All in all, another fantastic trip with these guys. Thank you to all involved!

From the deck,
Captian Chris

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