Shoalwater Bay is a large bay on the Capricorn Coast of Central Queensland, Australia located 120 nautical miles north west of Gladstone.  Since 1966, the land surrounding Shoalwater Bay has been under the ownership of the Australian Defence Force for the purpose of military training exercises.

On booking a trip to this area please be aware that due to military exercises at different times of the year we may need to change your trip destination to the Port Clinton areas or the Swain Reefs depending on the area of military exercises at the time.

You can be surrounded by land while you either pot for mud crabs or catch that hard fighting coral trout in shallow waters. Others species such as , Estuary cod, tusk fish, sweet lip, red emperor, mangrove jack, salmon or grunter  and black dew can also be hooked  in these areas or you can simply enjoy snorkelling, beaches and views.


Enjoy fishing the reefs and estuaries off Central Queensland as you explore the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea.

Naturalist tourism

As a naturalist tourist, you can explore the many wonderful ecosystems, including live shells, birds and mammals.

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Scuba Diving

With many great wrecks around the Great Barrier Reef, there is a wide variety of diving options available for experienced divers to explore exciting underwater landmarks.


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Sport Fishing

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