COVID-19 update 01

COVID-19 Update No. 1

To all our charter guests booked to join us aboard the Eastern Voyager in 2020.

As owners of Eastern Voyager, we have been working hard to ensure the best possible health and safety practices to protect the well-being of our crew, passengers, and the community.

We are monitoring the rapidly evolving situation and the changes that we are all facing on a daily basis in relation to COVID-19. At this stage we are still running our charters as usual.

We are regularly meeting with Gladstone offshore charter operators, who as a group are proactively reviewing any additional measures that maybe required so our vessels remain a safe place for our guests.

As always, we remain vigilant and comply with all the latest government and AMSA recommendations to protect the health, well-being and safety of our guests, crew and community.

Our highest priority is to keep our crew and passengers safe, so we will be posting updates to keep you informed of any changes that may affect our operations.

Take care – Chris and Ellen Pike

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