Catching Big Fish and Good Vibes: March Trips to the Swain Reefs with Eastern Voyager

The Eastern Voyager has recently returned from some exciting trips to the Swain Reefs, where groups of fishing enthusiasts enjoyed great catches, friendly competition, and a relaxed atmosphere. Despite some windy and rainy weather, the fishing was fantastic and left guests with unforgettable memories.

Throughout March, groups aboard the Eastern Voyager managed to reel in some impressive catches. On one early March trip, Karen Thurston made a name for herself on her first-ever fishing excursion, out-fishing the boys. Frenchy and Dave caught the most fish, but Dave’s 1100mm Cobia was the largest catch of the trip. Team Deano also had a successful morning, landing 30 fish! The group saw a lot of variety including the Camo Grouper, Maori Rock Cod, Common Coral Trout, Blue Spotted Coral Trout, Red Throat Emperor, Hussar, and Spanish Mackerel.

Later in the month, despite some rain and wind, the groups on the Eastern Voyager continued to catch some great fish. Josh and Terry were among the top catchers, but it was Josh who landed the biggest fish of the trip, a 4.5kg 65cm Red Emperor, caught at the last minute. Jeff’s 7kg 1m Cobia and Andrew’s 4kg 60cm Coral Trout were also notable catches, and Roy even landed his first Coral Trout. Josh also managed to catch and release a Barramundi Cod, while guests were treated to the sight of dolphins swimming nearby.

But it was the final trip of the month that truly raised the bar. With five days of good weather, the groups onboard the Eastern Voyager engaged in friendly competition to see who could catch the most fish. Gazz (Gary) caught the most, but Vince (Vinney) stole the show with his two first-time catches of Spanish Mackerel, weighing in at 20kg and 1300mm, and 18kg and 1200mm. It was a fantastic achievement, and the joy on Vinney’s face was infectious.

Despite some windy and rainy weather, the groups aboard the Eastern Voyager had a fantastic time during their March trips to the Swain Reefs. The camaraderie, great catches, and relaxed atmosphere combined to make for a memorable experience. If you’re looking for a fishing charter that knows how to deliver a fun and rewarding fishing adventure, the Eastern Voyager should definitely be on your radar.

From the deck,
Darren & Nathan

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