August 2020 trip report

Seven brilliant days of fishing the Swain reefs in August saw some exciting sport fishing

On the 8th of August, our skipper Danny took a wonderful group of Queenslanders organised by Darren Howard out to the Swain Reefs. Our passengers onboard didn’t know it then, but they were in for a week of fantastic sport fishing.

There was a wide range of fish caught over the trip. These included:

  • camouflage grouper
  • greasy rock cod
  • common coral trout
  • red emperor
  • spangled emperor
  • red throat emperor
  • saddle tail snapper
  • gold band snapper
  • green job fish
  • hussar
  • wahoo
  • barramundi cod (no take).

With some absolute characters on board, there was never a dull moment.

The highlight of the trip (aside from Avon and Jesse keeping us entertained) was when Andy brought in an 18.6 kg wahoo, and hooking up a marlin. One of the biggest nannagui for the trip was caught by Rob which was 6.7 kg – definitely a personal best. Although he wasn’t able to land one of the biggest fish, Benson definitely had a fantastic trip catching the most.

From your busy deckie,

PS. If you love to get out to the Swain Reefs for a fishing trip but don’t have enough for a group booking, you can always check out our Join a Group charters. We don’t have many of them during the year, but we do have one that’s opened up in October for 6-7 people. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this is only available to Queenslanders at the moment until the New South Wales borders reopen.

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