Trip 20-27 July 2019

Blue skies and clear water fishing Swain Reefs

20-27 July 2019 Gallery
Click above image to view the gallery of the fishing charter at Swain Reefs in July 2019

From the fishing deck at Swain Reefs, 20-27 July 2019

Well Mother Nature certainly put on a show for us last week, with beautiful blue skies and crystal-clear water ensuring a very memorable fishing charter to Swain Reefs.

Les and the team took full advantage of the great weather fishing from early morning till well into the night. Quality Red Throat, Coral Trout and Tusk Fish filled the fish bins along with Blue Mourie Cod and not one, not two, but FIVE very nice Spanish Mackerel.

Friday’s trip home could not have been better with more Trout, Red Emperor and Nannygai being bought over the side. To top it off, Humpback Whales gave us a show, with chief Dylan cooking up fresh salt and pepper squid.

All in all, a wonderful week had by all.

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