Angling Antics in August: Swain Reefs’ BestCatches and Stories

August brought its unique flavor of fishing experiences at Swain Reefs, and our fishing groups on Eastern Voyager had a blast. As the chilly winds gave way to sunnier days, each trip had its own share of highs and unforgettable moments. Let’s dive into the highlights of these August escapades with our groups:

The month kicked off with a bang as our group from Newcastle, NSW, set sail for seven days of angling excitement. The highlight? A staggering 17 red emperor caught on the very first day! The goal shifted towards Spanish mackerel, and a massive catch weighing in at 30-35kg brought Stephen Hampo both a personal best and the title of the biggest catch. Steven Bryant, on his first trip, experienced the joy of new catches. While chasing prized species like Common Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Spangled Emperor, and more, there was even a delightful encounter with a baby Golden Trevally (safely released). The last two days posed tough conditions, but the spirits remained high.

This group from Wagga Wagga embarked on their adventure, encountering four average days and two windy ones. However, the weather gods smiled upon them during the final two days, allowing for snorkeling and crayfish delight. A 10kg, 1100cm Spanish mackerel hooked by Campbell McDevitt stole the spotlight, while Tony Fitzgerald celebrated a personal best with a Green Jobfish. Cameron Longmore’s 70cm Red Emperor marked his first-time catches. The species diversity ranged from Flowery Rock Cod to Stripey (Spanish Flag), and even a curious Juvenile Peacock Cod made an appearance.

The third trip of August turned out to be a dream week, with six brilliant days. The group from SE QLD witnessed stunning weather throughout the week and the enchanting presence of whales in the Capricorn Channel. Daily fish catches kept smiles on everyone’s faces. Karen Thurston reeled in a magnificent 1m, 6-8kg Spanish Mackerel, and Nannygai proved a popular catch, especially for Ben Rowland and Darren Apted. Besides Barramundi Cod, Common Coral Trout, and other reef regulars, the sighting of whales added an unforgettable element to this fishing experience.

As August came to a close, our group from Brisbane, SEQ, enjoyed four brilliant days and two average ones. Coral crayfish became a surprise highlight, and watching coral trout attack lures and bait in perfect conditions fascinated all on board. Wes Garsden, fondly known as Wesl’doo, made his mark with a 10kg, 1140cm Cobia. Alan Booth’s first trip brought an array of first-time catches, including Spanish Mackerel, Coral Trout, and Nanygai. From Maori Rock Cod to Pennant Fish, the species list showcased the reef’s diversity.

In conclusion, August was a month filled with fishing tales, friendly banter, and memorable moments. Our guests, both regulars and newcomers, enjoyed the thrill of reeling in big catches and the enchantment of the Great Barrier Reef. Until next time, happy fishing!

From the deck,

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  1. Emma Janner

    Wow, what an exciting read! August at Swain Reefs sounds like an angler’s paradise. The vivid descriptions of the underwater world and the thrill of the catch truly transport the reader to this remote and stunning destination. It’s incredible how diverse the marine life is in this area, and the stories shared here are a testament to the beauty and adventure that awaits those who venture to Swain Reefs.

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