Action-packed winter fishing at the Swain Reefs

We had a lot of great days out on the water throughout the end of July and August. Our passengers had to work a bit harder in July, having to battle the wind and a bit of rain to land their catches, but things picked up in August with just a few windy days amongst the brilliant weather at the Swains. For the most part the sun was shining on all our action-packed reef fishing adventures.

Despite the awful weather, our first trip to the Swain Reefs in July still produced a lot of quality catches. This group had a particularly good last day in the deep catching Nannies, Reds and Snapper. We had some first time catches of Red Emperor and Spanish Mackerel – two classic catches of the Swains. Hampo’s crew managed to reel in the most catches for the week. Andrew caught the biggest of the week with his 6kg 67cm Red Emperor! Leon also landed a noteable catch with his 6kg 82cm Snapper.

Mid July at the Swains this year was a windy one. The group still managed to come through with some big catches. Tommy landing his massive Tusky was one of the the trip highlights. There were a lot of noteable catches throughout the week. Dane Nelson had a quality first time catch of Trout, weighing in at 5kg. Mick’s last minute catch of the 13.9kg Spanish Mack earned him the title of biggest catch! Rakey brought in the most fish for the week. Some of the other big catches included Robin’s 5.4kg Coral Trout and Roe’s Red 2.9kg Red Throat Emperor.

Our last July trip to the Swain Reefs was packed full of good catches and we had decent weather all round. The group had a fantastic last couple of days catching Nannies and Reds. Pete Turner and Scotty McGowan both earned the title of most catches for the week. The title of biggest fish was claimed by Bob with his 17kg Spanish Mackerel. Other catches of note included a 6kg Red Emperor by Stuart Pavey, a 5.5 kg Red Emperor from Big Tom and a 5.5kg Nannie from Col.

We had more great weather for our next trip to the Swains at the beginning of August. All the familiar favourites made an appearance including Trout, Cod, Snapper, Emperor and Spanish Mackerel. Biggest catch of the week went to Jack with his 82cm Green Job Fish which came in at 7.5kg! Jack and Will took home the title of most catches. Some of the other great catches included Geoff with a 6kg Red, Shakey with his 5.5kg Nanny and Hamo with his 12kg Mackerel!

The weather Gods must have been happy for our next August trip. We had plenty of clear skies and calm waters. It was peak fishing weather. There were a lot of species ticked off the list from the group including varieties of Cod, Tout, Emperor along with Spanish Mackerel and Hussar. There was one unusual catch – a Yowie (aka Glen Anchor). Coming in at 6kg and 62cm, Johnny’s Red Emperor earned him the title of biggest fish for the week.

For the most part mid-august was good to our passengers. We had 5 days of brilliant weather with the wind picking up for just a couple of days. As always there were a lot of great catches throughout the week. Rod caught the biggest for the trip with his 18kg Spanish Mackerel which he landed at 8pm! Rod was also accompanied by Barry and Harry for most catches of the trip. Robert had a first time catch of the Gold Band Snapper which came in at 6.5kg.

Our last week at the Swain Reefs in August was a windy one. That didn’t stop the group from fishing though! We had some great sessions catching Spanish and Red Emperor at the Ribbon Reefs on anchor and bagged out on Coral Trout. The fresh sashimi was also a big hit. Dave Freeman caught what ended up being the biggest fish of the trip on the first day – a 10kg Red Emperor at 84cm! There were a lot of first-time catches and PB’s with Reds, Spanish and Dogtooth Tuna. Sam reeled in an 8kg Cobia, Brent landed 10kg Spanish and Harry brought in a 7kg Dogtooth. There were a couple of unusual caches too. There was a 50cm Toadfish brought in by Hammish Malony and a Barred Soapfish from Lucas!

Join us on deck soon for some action packed fishing!

From the deck,

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